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March 08, 2009
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This website is about bonds, bond funds, and other fixed income securities. I wrote many articles about bonds on my blog The Finance Buff. Because the articles are hard to organize on the blog, I decided to put them here on a separate website, together with many new articles I will add over time. I'm a retail (read: small) investor. These articles are my notes about investing in bonds and bond funds. They are written from a retail investor's point of view. I hope this website will also become a helpful resource to other retail investors.

Aren't there already books about bonds? Yes, and I read many of them. I have a list of some of the good books. One more resource won't hurt though. I also hope I do a better job with this web site than the books. This web site is free and searchable. It's interactive: you can comment on any article and ask questions. It can be updated with new information at any time. The books are usually written by industry insiders. They often give you too much information you don't care about but too little information on what you really care about. I will write from a retail investor's perspective because I am a retail investor.

I'm not an investment professional. All the articles are my notes as I learn about bonds. They are my opinions, not recommendations. I'm not an expert, but I'm willing to learn and share.


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